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First Album

“Songs from Everyday Life” is the so-called debut album and contains a set of 11 songs that touch different elements of life as we all know it. Together the songs tell a story that could be recognizable to anyone with some life experience. The album combines some guitar-rock & synth-based disco with few piano ballads.

Anonymity is about being away from home & between people that don’t know you
Life is like a harbor is about acceptance of the flow of ‘all things’ coming and going in life
Change your ways is about observing a person’s problems while giving unasked advice
Fire is about a choking personal relationship that needs ending
Mother Nature is about nature giving relaxation to the stressed human mind
the Bouncer is about not being allowed into something you want to be a part of
Rushed-up is about dealing with luring attractions in life, that are generally not accepted
Now it’s my turn is about how humble people can have enough of an underdog position
Sorry Little guy is about regret and guilt after expressing anger to a close loved one, kid
Move on is about all those times when it is better to quit and start over
Think you can make it is about putting trust in another person’s own way and future

Second Album

“Red Moon Electra” contains a set of 10 songs, that somehow represents a link between the personal inner world and some future outside world. Again a variety in styles, however less rock and more pop, alternated with few instrumentals.

Alien Invasion is about the end of life at this world due to aliens attack
Ray of sunlight is an instrumental on hope and positivity (in reaction to the alien invasion)
Modern world is about observing the modern way of living in our changing world
Lost Souls is about comfortably sitting back while not knowing what the tide may bring…
What’s in my head is about introspection and self-observation
Astroman is about (creating) the feeling like an astronaut
Acceptance is about knowing that there is more than just the one reality we see
Electric Eel is about an existing special German coffee place, by the name of electric eel
Nothing else is about being one-self is enough
Dance a basic instrumental song, as gate closer.

Third Album

“Duality” will be the next album and is planned for 2021. The songs on this album will have in common that they all touch the topic dualism is some way. This album is currently under development, where the majority of the songs is still to be written.

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